Tujia Minority Cultural Awareness Building Campaign

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Nestled in the beautiful outskirts of Zhangjiajie National Park, Shiyanping is a small traditional village whose growth has been influenced by the development of tourism and infrastructure. While economic opportunities have increased, there is also increased discussion about plotting a course of sustainable development centered around preserving the key cultural treasures of the village. The village mostly owes its preservation success to it being among the first batch of 50 villages to be put on the top national heritage list of ancient villages back in 2013.

Our partner, Laojia, has requested a Keru team to help research and explore the wonders of Shiyanping Village located in Zhangjiajie prepare a documentary capturing the moments of the most valuable heritage sites. In an effort to promote sustainable development, students will develop a social media strategy that can be used to promote the local culture of Shiyanping.

In this project, students will learn about various aspects of this unique village ranging from Tujia’s folk culture, basket back-packers, and understand the architecture of stilted houses. Through investigations on cultural aspects of Tujia, historical sites and local traditions, students will design and execute a social media-based awareness campaign for Laojia in order to preserve the local culture.
Local Partner 

Laojia is a social enterprise and was founded in 2013 by Eric and Maarten who were in search of 'authenticity' in rapidly developing China. Inspired by the beauty and authenticity that rural China has to offer in terms of heritage, nature, food and people, they decided to move to the countryside. Laojia hopes to continue creating positive experiences and promote sustainable developments for the local community.
Content Expert
Amber Lu

She received her Master of Education from University of Pennsylvania in 2015, and has been devoted to international education ever since. She also completed a Bachelor of Law at Fudan University. She came back to Shanghai, China in 2018 and is currently teaching Economics in an international school.
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