Education Empowerment Through Team Sports

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Education Empowerment Through Team Sports
Program Description

For the Tibetan students living in the remote mountainous areas of Sichuan, lack of access to high quality physical education and team activities is a problem. Students from rural areas are not provided with many opportunities to engage in team sports or collaborative competitions, thus keeping these children from developing essential life skills, such as teamwork, leadership, adaptability, discipline, and comradery. By bringing peer groups from the urban and rural areas together to learn with each other through sports, students will be able to build friendships and create multicultural exposure.

We will bring a Keru Team to travel to Sichuan Qiaoqi Tibetan School, where students and professional staff will work collaboratively to create a sports education curriculum for local Tibetan children. During the program, students will experience local activities such as lion dance.
Local Partner 

The 123 From the Mountains project supports the establishment of ethnic cultural clubs in primary and secondary schools in ethnic minority areas, inviting local inheritors and art teachers to teach the children native songs, dances, musical instruments, handicrafts, paintings, language and writing arts. Every winter and summer, children are invited to Shanghai's 1,000-strong stage to showcase the arts they have learned and to engage in more diverse and in-depth cultural exchanges with urban families. We organize cultural visits for urban families to local schools for ethnic minorities during long holidays. With the support of the "From the Mountains" project, 19 ethnic groups, 43 schools and 17,000 children from the mountains and grasslands have returned to their ethnic culture and talent classes, continuing the vitality of their ethnicity.
Content Expert
Kevin (Yue) Chen

Kevin played disc sports 2009 in Tianjin Sports University. He is a member of the Frisbee Committee of the China Extreme Sports Association Minister of the Competition Department and External Liaison Department, Director of Shenzhen Frisbee Sports Association, Deputy Secretary-General of Asian Dodgebee Federation and coach of Leao Youth Frisbee Club.
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