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Tibetan Cultural Preservation Through Ecotourism
Program Description

For several years, the Concordia Welfare Education Foundation (CWEF) has been engaged in a health initiative in villages in Yunnan, China to understand community health practices and provide support for the improvement of health outcomes. Having implemented several measures at the community level, the next phase of the Health Education Advocacy and Literacy (HEAL) project will focus on improving health-related outcomes at the school level. This year, CWEF is considering upgrading the public health curriculum, especially on health education for pregnant women, children and the elderly in the community in Yunnan.

Students will utilize various data analysis tools and interview techniques to do analytical research. At the end of the program, students will develop a research report on public health and execute a health-based workshop prototype for CWEF.
Local Partner 

The Concordia Welfare & Education Foundation (CWEF) is a Hong Kong based non-profit that works with schools and communities in China and Cambodia to improve health and education outcomes. Their vision of thriving communities serving and inspiring home in others is supported by a passionate and dedicated team with years of experience.
Content Expert
Yiping (Lovia) Li

Lovia is a graduate student in the MPH program at Cornell University. After graduating from Pennsylvania State University with a bachelor’s degree in 2o19, she volunteered in the Covid-19 prevention program at West China hospital in 2020 and started to work in the World Fish project since March 2021. She has recently joined a new research team that focuses on the female reproductive health and sexual behaviors among young adult at Tsinghua University, aiming to reduce the gap in the healthcare field.
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