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Water Pollution

Siyuan Water

Consumption of polluted drinking water is a serious problem that endangers the health millions of students in rural China. In 2014, SiyuanWater, a social enterprise launched a social program to address this issue in Fujian province. Since then, the program has expanded to other regions of China.

Rapid economic development has led to the increase of factories and farms using pesticides in rural China. The risk of pollutants entering the water supply has risen, and boiling water, the traditional remedy, is no longer sufficient to ensure purification. Siyuan's innovative social program delivers a point-of-consumption solution (water filters) to rural schools, and provides education on safe water habits while at the same time aggregating water quality data for the purpose of developing scalable solutions.

Keru is partnering with Siyuan to enhance the effectiveness of its program as it grows and extends its reach.

Rural Poverty


Isolated by mountainous terrain, many rural regions in China struggle to access urban markets. Growth of local economic opportunities is slow, and rural adults often leave their families to pursue jobs in the city. This dynamic has created a bevy of social problems, including 'left-behind' children and the overpopulation of the urban areas.

Xiaomiren was created in 2015 by two former Teach For China teachers with the bold vision of creating economic opportunity in rural regions.

Leveraging access to urban markets, Xiaomiren began working with local farmers to develop and market specialty honey from Tengchong, Yunnan. As they expand their presence, Xiaomiren is partnering with Keru to develop other specialty products, creating prosperity for local farmers and sharing long-hidden treasures with the rest of China.

Rural Education

Hello Project

More than 100 million students in rural China lack quality life-skills training because of a weak school system and poor family support. This result of this dynamic is a high rate of preventable injuries and mental disorders such as low self-esteem, anxiety, loneliness, depression and aggression among students.

Founded in 2015, Hello Project delivers a holistic and scalable solution for training rural students with life skills, ensuring that they are inspired and empowered to make change for better life. This innovative social enterprise develops teaching toolkits and professional development training to rural teachers to launch month-long projects for students to change life safety, social skills, and community service habits. In their model, rural parents also receive courses simultaneously to improve their parenting skills.

Since its inception, Hello Project has experienced sharp growth in the past 3 semesters, involving over 1,000 teachers and impacting more than 15,000 students.

Keru works with Hello Project to develop courses and ensure the effectiveness of their social program.

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