Women's Empowerment Through Employment

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In Tibetan culture, while gender roles may not be as rigid as those in other parts of Asia, there are still deeply held ideas regarding the spheres of activity appropriate for men and women. One prominent concern for the many “left-behind” children in the village is that they are more likely to develop depression or anxiety because their parents leave for work for long periods of time. Yakma is a social enterprise which not only supports women to earn money but also helps them to stay close with their families and reduce gender inequalities.

Keru team will travel to Daiqian Village to interview local Tibetan women and conduct analytical research. As a result, the team will create an Awareness Campaign focusing on Tibetan women empowerment and devising a Marketing Strategy Plan that supports Yakma branding.
Local Partner 

YAKMA Handmade Natural Cosmetic Company creates opportunities for disadvantaged Tibetan village woman. The purpose of our social enterprise is to empower Tibetan women and improve their self-confidence, skills, employment prospects and quality of life. Women in these remote areas have limited opportunities to pursue career opportunities beyond the traditional role of housewife. Once the revenue is more sustainable, a portion of business revenue will be allocated on community development projects such as running women's health and wellbeing trainings, employment training programs and Tibetan culture preservation projects. Yakma can empower women by helping them to develop skills and knowledge in order to equally participate in a growing market economy. It may improve the real living conditions and opportunities for Tibetans in the 21st century by using modern collaboration for greater economic and culture participation.
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