From Fast Fashion to Sustainable Fashion

Program Details & Highlights
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Program Description 

Sustainable fashion industry is one that must operate in ways that can continue working for years and decades to come. Unfortunately, this is not true of today’s dominant ‘fast fashion,’ meaning wearing clothes only several times before throwing them out or moving on to newer and trendier cheap clothes. The fast fashion cycle is far from sustainable because it depletes the Earth’s natural resources at exponential rates, exploits workers around the world, and results in an overwhelming amount of waste.

The Keru Research Team will find ways to create sustainable ecosystems that can raise awareness and reduce the impact of environment by promoting sustainable designed clothing. Students will have the opportunity to showcase their work during an exhibition or sale and up-cycle new sustainable fashion.
Local Partner 

The Keru Research Team functions as a data-driven think tank for solutions and insights to development issues. Based on partnerships with governments, non-profits, social enterprises and other community actors, our research team is active in rural China and Southeast Asia, and focuses on a wide range of topics related to the UN sustainable development goals. Our outputs include research papers, concept notes, innovative solution proposals, and white papers.
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Student’s Involvement
Michael | Grade 12 | Beijing

During the program, Michael and his teammates started a sustainable fashion brand centered around inclusivity. During the program, he learned about the lack of standardization for sustainable fashion. Specifically, how there is no official government policy defining sustainable fashion companies. Aside from learning about marketing and design, Michael also made lifelong connections. One of his most memorable moments included making a friend from a different part of the country.
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